Fall 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Antionna is an uprising junior at the University of South Carolina majoring in Psychology Pre-law and double minoring in Criminal Justice and African American Studies. She aspires to have her own law firm as a Child Advocate Attorney. She has a desire to defend minority youth that have minor offenses and give them better alternatives than jail. 

Antionna Fuller

Fall 2016

Scholarship Recipient

Kendra is a sophomore and Marine and Environmental Science major at Hampton University. Her favorite scripture is "Seek Ye first the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and All things will be added unto you ." Kendra is a member of the Environmental Science club and has plans of becoming an environmental engineer with goals of providing more access to clean water for individuals living in third world countries.

Kendra Dorsey

Fall 2015

Scholarship Recipient 

Regan is a freshman at the University of South Carolina. She is a pharmacy major. "I hope to continue my education and grow to become a more knowledgeable pharmacist," -Sadler

Regan Sadler

Spring 2015

Scholarship Recipient

Cortnie M. Stuppard, Public Relations Major & Social Work Minor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of South Carolina Class of 2017, USC's 2015 Miss Fashionetta. 

Cortnie Stuppard

2015 Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina

Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina is South Carolina's first natural hair beauty pageant, by Columbia-natives. Tra'Shon Howard, the organizations Secretary/Treasure was the 2nd African American woman to win this natural hair business pageant.

Tra'Shon Howard

Fall 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Applications for our Fall 2018 Educational Scholarship will be live soon. Stay Tuned!

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